About me


My photography journey so far. 


This first year in the world of photography has been full of new experiences for me. I’ve worked with a variety of people of different ages groups, different backgrounds,  expectations and ideas about what they want from their photo shoot. Listening carefully to their needs has been an important part of photographing people whilst at the same time thinking about the creative composition of the shoot  and  adding a little bit of

‘Rebecca-je ne sais quoi ‘.

Every session has been unique, just as people are. I have enjoyed using a variety of locations to suit every personality type from Yorkshire mountains, peaks on the west coast of USA, to local forests, parks,  seasides and churches.  I’ve introduced subtle props without distracting from the main focus, in addition to this we’ve always made the best of the natural light and the great British weather too.

I feel that my clients are at their best when they relax in informal settings often one of their choice. This is when the magic starts to happen. I feel I have developed my own specific style now and it’s easy to identify one of my creations, they usually involve colour and a lot of laughter!

In my work I aim to tell the story of that person’s day,  my intention is to capture their true character. This is what I love doing and I aim to do this successfully.



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